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Her way in just a few seconds, but she can't find a position that offers any comfort. I hope you all like her too, so I can bring her back again. Celeste could hardly stand that, she tried to bribe the officer on duty. She is handled rough and takes as much punishment as she can. Sexy lingerie. Celeste is whipped and the wand. Now witnessed both extremes to how well some one can handle Celeste. It out of her ass!

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This time Zoey is forced over the stool with her arms overhead. Then she really begins to struggle. What a slut she is and loves be called one. She would come to realize that he is in for a long over the knee for a hard spanking on the bare backside followed by a pussy, ass, mouth, fucking and finishing the day with a fucksall Zoey She finds herself tied up in a short skirt, blouse and pantyhose.

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He crazily raped off her black trousers and bent the doll over to make her screaming, and then her legs are pulled up to expose her moist pussy. She was in a hurry to try her new toys and soon got one of her boyfriend's sleazy pals, and he tries to scam some of her winnings. She is carried up to her tip toes for a serious machine fucking session, followed by a pussy, ass, mouth, fucking and finishing the day with a fucksall Mackenzie This is one hell of a ride by the busty blonde[...]

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Richie finds himself in some stringent bondage in the jail cell. Mistress Xana prefers her subs remain tied the whole time she disciplines them and should Richie ever step out of line he shall receive a sharp shock from the electrode pushed deep in his ass! After some whipping he is suspended and the bondage dominates him. Once released, he is given the honor of licking Xana's shoes, sucking her cock and being fucked deep in the ass.

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Since she can't seem to hold onto it he uses a whip to give her some incentive. she doesn't have a very hard time taking his cock, though. In fact, once he's taken her holes, she is ready for Mr. Pogo again. It doesn't phase her at all.

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Once we got her there it was too easy. Everyone online had great ideas about all of the lovely things we should put her through, and PD, SD, Claire Adams and Damon Pierce were more than happy to make them happen.She starts out at the bottom of a dark hole that is hot and humid. It is a tough start to what promises to be a very long day.

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