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Mistress Hollie runs a law office that only considers pro bono cases after pro-boning the client. She warms up with a thorough spanking and anal teasing that leads to an intense session of CBT involving office clamps, dick caning and weights! After tying his shaft with twine mistress rides her slave before forcing him to come with the tight twine still on.

Medival bondage gallery from the Wales dungeon

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medival bondage gallery

We find that Riley looks quite fetching both in and out of the raincoat as it is removed and her luscious breasts are rubber banded. Her knees with her butt in the air. With her arms behind her back! It is removed and she is bent over in a strappado. Well, in spite of having said she had never done this before.

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6 movies dedicated to Jandi Lin

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Their necks and backs were clamped and trapped in thick iron bars and twisted, contorted and forced into near inhuman positions. Alternatively, one might view this shoot as an initial experiment into finding out just how twisted up and tormented each woman can get before it prevents them from being forced to orgasm. More data on this to come......

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Institutional restraints buckled about her ankles force her feet toward her back, her legs folded. He dangles a calf nursing bottle above her so she can suck water from the nipple. As she swings in the air, her pussy swings swelled and rippled. .

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Sexy little Lacey wearing nothing but high heels, finds herself ball-gagged and wearing a red leather single-sleeve. Lacey was arrested and brought down to the police station for a cavity search. Chains and the helmet complete the effect of total helplessness. She also cums like crazy and squirts all over the dildo as she plays with it teasing herself.

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Girls in extreme bondage and torture from Lisburn

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But I had no idea what she was getting herself into. There was only going to be locked up like a veal calf and treated like nothing more than her plaything on the mat. This fine line of hair above her pussy, from the first time Cora has submitted to bondage.

Sexy Girls In Bondage Part 6

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This set a winner. Alanna has been running around town with some really bad gals. She gets the slave off with her slut mouth. A mean bitch, but she also fucks whomever she pleases. A reward for her submission and then her wrists are tied to the crotch rope, which cuts into her pussy. But I had no idea what she was getting herself into.

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They are always pleading for something. When she is getting caned or whipped her looks scream for mercy. Whenever she is getting fucked or vibrated you can almost hear her begging for more. She loves humiliation and pain, fucking and sucking, and she especially loves doing it for PD.

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