Punishment bondage

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Here at Alexus, and every once in a while we get that one shoot that is sure to be a Alexus classic. Alexus gets off on having her cunt zapped and has multiple uncontrollable orgasms from the waves of electricity combined with a strong vibrator. Alexus was banned from the convenience store near her house because she stole one too many bottles of liquor.

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Forced group fucking dp bdsm

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"Feed her a load of hot come, then dress her and deposit her in the ass. She can't complain about her natural breasts being rubber banded. Macy is gagged, bound, manhandled, punished and fucked in bondage by Olivia."

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Spanking schoolgirls from Chapais dungeon!

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Soon finds herself in a very hot double penetration scene. Five of our biggest machines and a role play scene with her as a naughty student. Not have chosen a better teacher. Sidney finds herself, nude, gagged, and ball tied. She's a lovely defenseless sight.

Tracey Hilton - example rope tie bondage

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"I played with her briefly at Bondcon. We got on so well that I couldnt wait to get her over to San Francisco to do some shooting with her."

Women who love plastic wrap bondage from Fargo!

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One memory from this shoot stands out in particular. Justine knows she is going to be tickled when she cums and the wand. Justine buddy just how bad she is. At Justine. You may dream about these two gorgeous ladies dominating and fucking you, but as Justine can tell you, be careful what you wish for.

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Female Teasing Orgasm Denial Bondage Here

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